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The Cellar of Aromas

An original and fun gourmet exhibition

The Cellar of Aromas invites you into the sensory world of Bourgogne wines

Bourgogne wines show extraordinary subtlety and refinement. The diversity of their aromas and their elegance will impress even the most finely-tuned of palates. From fresh fruit and flowers to the scents of undergrowth, discover aromas that are at once delicate and intense…

This attractive exhibition introduces, in a visual and olfactory way, 12 aroma families present in Bourgogne wines (white flowers, red fruits, citrus fruits, spices, undergrowth…).

Your senses will be awakened in stages. After studying the appearance, your nose will take centre stage. The natural elements that represent each aroma family (fruit, leather, flowers…) draw the eye and exude easily identifiable aromas.

A fun and educational olfactory stroll will teach you to distinguish different aroma families. These will awake all sorts of emotions, whether of cherished childhood memories or associations with more recent events.

Your emotional memory will easily associate what you see with the aromas you can smell. Then you’ll be ready to embark on a tasting!

Hire the cellar of aromas for your events

An original, interactive concept, the “Bourgogne wines’ Cellar of Aromas”  exhibition leads your senses on a journey through the fascinating world of Bourgogne’s wine appellations.

To hire the Bourgogne wines’ Cellar of Aromas for your event:

View the installation guidelines to find out the required space and the different possible layouts.

Do you have only limited space? There is also a “mini” version of the Bourgogne wines’ Cellar of Aromas!

We can always tailor things to your needs! We can offer advice and a personalised quote, according to your requeirements.


The cellar of aromas is on show near you

The Cellar of Aromas offers you a true initiation into the sensory world of Bourgogne wines, which will reveal all of their their richness and complexity. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned amateur, you will learn to identify and appreciate a wide range of aromas.

Widely recognised by wine professionals for its educational offering, the exhibition is first and foremost an invitation to exercise your senses. It is aimed at everyone, young and old, for wine lovers, or simply curious souls looking for a wonderful sensory experience…

An exceptional opportunity to dive into the world of Bourgogne wines, all over France and around the world. The Bourgogne wines’ cellar of aromas has already won the hearts of more than 2 million visitors.

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The beautiful glass bubbles that serve as a showcase for the aromas of the Cellar have been specially designed to allow you to appreciate all the scents of each of their contents. Everything you smell is 100% authentic and natural, whatever the season!

A whole universe of aromas to explore.

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